The Type Of White Wine Fans Say Is Their Favorite - Exclusive Survey

The world of wine is a vast one, and it can be intimidating. Take your pick from a glass of red, white, rosé, or sparkling, just to start. Then you have to figure out if you'd prefer a tart, zesty, or smoky flavor profile. You can even take into consideration how sustainable your wine is. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. It sometimes can feel like the more you discover about this topic, the more choices you have to make

Per Good Pair Days, there are over 600 different kinds of white grapes from all around the world, so there is no shortage of wine varieties to choose from. And with such a wide array of taste components to keep in mind (how can a liquid be dry?), it's a whole lot of stuff to consider. If you're like a lot of Americans, you might prefer the taste of white wine over any other kind. To help some of us that are struggling to buy a crowd-pleasing bottle of white wine for the next dinner party, we conducted a survey to find out which white wine variety our readers like best.

Chardonnay and Moscato are favorites

We conducted a survey of 567 Americans to help us determine which type of white wine is liked best and the results are in. Garnering a quarter of the votes at 25.75%, we have Chardonnay coming in as the leading white wine. According to Food & Wine, Chardonnay has long reigned as one of the most popular wine varieties. Hailing from the Burgundy region of France, the white wine takes on many different forms but most often yields fruity notes like pear or even mango.

Coming in very close behind Chardonnay with 25.57% of the vote is Moscato. It's nearly a tie between the two. Per Wine Folly, Moscato is a very fruit-forward wine and gives off notes of peach and orange. It's a light and sweet white wine, and according to the publication also has a lower alcohol content than most other wines — around 5.5% ABV compared to the 13% of many others.

Some of you may be surprised that the third place for the favorite type of white wine with 19.58% of the vote is Pinot Grigio, once known as Pinot Gris. This popular dry wine tastes of lime and honeysuckle and has high acidity (per VinePair). It's a good choice on a hot Summer day. Other contenders for best white wine include Sauvignon Blanc with 16.75% of respondents favoring it and the sweet Riesling garnering 12.35% of votes.