Chipotle's New Lifestyle Bowl Lineup Has Gen Z In Mind

Chances are, you might have a health resolution set for yourself as you ease into 2023 — and you wouldn't be alone. In fact, according to Statista, 23% of people that set a resolution this year have made it their goal to live healthier. While that ideology looks different for everyone, one route many people choose is changing their eating habits. From adding healthier side dishes for a better-balanced meal to finding out which easy and nutritious one-pot soup you can whip up before work, there are many ways to bring more vitamins and nutrients to your plate. 

But while it's nice to make a meal from scratch, sometimes it's hard to find a moment to dedicate to the kitchen. Luckily, some food chains are helping make your health goals a little bit easier. Take Chipotle for example. The Mexican food-focused chain is adding some new additions to its menu in 2023, and this one is especially in support of you Gen Zers looking to craft a healthier lifestyle.  

Introducing the Lifestyle Bowl menu

According to a press release, Chipotle is adding a whole new branch of healthy picks to its menu by way of the Lifestyle Bowl. And, per VegNews, two of the seven new options are entirely plant-based. Among the new bowls, you'll find a high protein bowl made with white rice, double chicken, black beans, salsa, cheese, and lettuce, and a plant-powered bowl with a super greens lettuce blend, white rice, vegetables, salsa, and guacamole. Other bowl options include a Veggie Full bowl, Wholesome bowl, Grain Freedom bowl, and a Go Half Veggie bowl.

Chief Marketing Officer of Chipotle Chris Brandt, said the additions were made specifically with Gen Z in mind. "We created seven new Lifestyle Bowls that embrace Gen Z and Millennials' modern interpretation of wellbeing," he said. Not only is the food new, but another experience is too. To help customers keep up with their new year's resolutions, a wellness-oriented augmented reality experience will be a part of the fun starting on Friday, January 13.

Chipotle fans can head over to Snapchat and interact with the Chipotle augmented reality lens which encourages users to meditate and get moving with Chipotle-inspired exercises. 100,000 people who complete the Snapchat prompts will receive a promo code for a free topping of guacamole or a small side, so don't give up on those resolutions just yet.