What Is The Best Way To Upgrade Scrambled Eggs? - Exclusive Survey

While the phrase about the chicken and the egg might be one of the most overused metaphors, there is something to be said about proper sequences when making the perfect scrambled eggs. Although Gordon Ramsay might have his hacks and other chefs might purport their preferences, the real story to crack is how to upgrade scrambled eggs.

Scrambled eggs might seem like a popular dish, but Pantry & Larder revealed that Americans might prefer a different egg style. According to its survey, more Americans prefer boiled eggs over other cooking methods. While boiled eggs might be popular around Easter, restaurant menus might beg to differ. Breakfast menus tend to highlight omelets, poached, fried, and scrambled eggs. From that Grand Slam breakfast at Denny's to a made-to-order omelet, the versatility that the simple protein offers tends to make it a staple across the board. While those eggs might be plentiful, a flavor upgrade to those scrambled eggs can make them even more enjoyable.

More scrambled eggs are topped with this particular food

From eggs and toast to breakfast burritos, scrambled eggs are more than just a cracked yolk in a pan. While the dish is basically egg, salt, and butter, it is the cooking method that makes the difference. Food & Wine suggests using a cold pan, low temperature, and letting the eggs cook off the heat, which can result in perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs. But for people who want more flavor to that incredible protein, The Daily Meal found that one topping reigns supreme.

According to a recent The Daily Meal survey, 567 people responded that the best way to upgrade scrambled eggs is with cheese. That answer ranked 59.44% (337 votes) of the total. Although the broad statement that cheese on scrambled eggs has people melting for more, it does not specify the type of cheese that cooks are using. Eggs Health Club discussed various kinds of cheese and referred to the importance of their ability to melt. Just like in a grilled cheese sandwich, not all cheeses have the same melting characteristics. For people who want a more gooey, robust cheese flavor, a grated sharp cheddar might be better than a sprinkling of parmesan. Still, personal preference should always guide the food on the plate. While many people love cheese on scrambled eggs, it may not be the only way to upgrade that incredible egg.

How many ways can a cook upgrade scrambled eggs?

While The Daily Meal survey found that cheese was the most popular answer in its upgraded scrambled eggs survey, four more responses had people talking. In order of preference, the top choices were hot sauce 20.99% (119 votes), veggies 17.11% (97 votes), pesto 1.76% (10 votes), and mayo 0.71% (4 votes).

Looking at this list, hot sauce is a classic, popular choice behind cheese. Given the variety of hot sauces on the market, it could be a personal preference when grabbing a Sriracha over a Tabasco. According to Pepper Geek, the best hot sauce for eggs is Cholula for its high salt level, availability, and overall tangy flavor. Given that scrambled eggs are fairly bland, any additional flavor boost can keep the "boring" label off the plate.

The only curious response on this survey list is the mayo response. As published in Alton Brown's cookbook, "EveryDayCook," he suggests adding mayonnaise before the eggs start cooking. While mayo is basically oil and eggs, it adds a luscious component to the texture without overpowering the inherent egg flavor. Maybe those four votes know this egg-tastic flavor upgrade secret.