Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Skeptical About Its New Gingerbread Ice Cream

During the holiday season, there is just something so welcoming about stepping into a room to catch a sniff of warm, freshly baked gingerbread, with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg filling the air. In fact, gingerbread may literally be the OG comfort food. In ancient China and Egypt, people used ginger to stimulate circulation, ease indigestion, and promote well-being, per UCLA's EatWell. Later on, Europeans started enjoying gingerbread in ancient Greece as a way to preserve costly ginger, and soon enough, every generation started putting its own spin on the spicy treat. In the Middle Ages, bakers created works of art forming firm gingerbread cookies into shapes of animals and royalty and decorating them with icing and even gold leaf (via PBS).

Not only is gingerbread associated with old traditions, but it is also part of new traditions. One example is the contemporary American custom of Trader Joe's putting out variations on traditional gingerbread — like gingerbread mug hangers for your hot cocoa or coffee. This year, it's little surprise that the grocery chain's latest gingerbread product is an unusually cool take on the warm cookie classic.

Some are 'scared' about this ice cream

Instagram wasn't sure what to think when fan account @traderjoeslist shared a post revealing that Trader Joes' new gingerbread ice cream was spotted in the wild this week. "I was not going to save room in my stomach this Thanksgiving, but now I have a reason to," they said. Despite the enthusiastic announcement, not everyone was as eager to try the treat.

One follower confessed, "Going to pass on this one, not a GB fan. Trauma from childhood around the GB house." Another said a different TJ's ice cream has turned them off of the chain's frozen desserts, writing, "After that banana pudding ice cream I'm scared." Who knew that a frozen dessert could be a source of fear? Feelings about gingerbread run deep. 

Others were skeptical about the ice cream due to the accompanying photo of the nutrition label, showing the calorie content and ingredients list. Some people lamented the presence of wheat and dairy, while others complained about thickeners like carob bean gum. 

Still, some Instagrammers were elated about the new flavor. "My 11 year old and I started jumping up and down in excitement. We are GIANT gingerbread and ice cream lovers here! I hope our stores have it!" one shopper wrote. Another couldn't wait to combine their favorite TJ's treats into one new treat: "Think this would be good with the triple ginger muffins."