11 Unique Ideas for Thanksgiving Centerpieces Slideshow


Livingston gussies up her favorite, bright-red fall berries by combining them with deep-red peony blossoms, pink-orange roses, and green-lipped parrot tulips.

Autumn Leaves and Bittersweet

Brown-olive oak leaves mingle with dried hydrangea, rosy calla lilies, magnolia leaves, and bittersweet in this elaborate arrangement by Mayer.

Moss and Mushrooms

Mayer mingles bittersweet, mushrooms, and moss in this artful, forest-inspired arrangement.


Mayer arranged simple, orange flowers in a sleek, modern vase, then gave them an organic, seasonal feel by adding a branch of aromatic branch of rosemary.


Inspired by a nest, Heather Christo married greens, chrysanthemums, and miniature birds in this arrangement for her Thanksgiving table last year.

Pumpkins (In the Vase)

When attached to a slim wooden stick, miniature white pumpkins add a festive, fall feel to Livingston's clean and simple arrangement of green hydrangeas with white roses.


These bright-faced flowers are an easy way to add a burst of color to any table, especially when paired with a scattering of squashes, like Livingston did here.


Another way Livingston adds a festive, fall feel to the table is by combining sprigs of wheat along with greens and roses, left.

Collards and Apples

A simple stroll through your neighborhood grocery store can inspire your arrangements. For example, consider the greens and fruits used along with astilbe, at left, like Smith did here.

Pears and Feathers

Have a feathered turkey you can't imagine not using in your décor? Combine it with a scattering of golden pears, Asiatic lilies, and herbs, like Smith did here.

Pumpkins (As a Vase)

Can't place a pumpkin in your arrangement? Then carve one out, just like you did at Halloween, and fill it with Oasis or a mason jar, then add the flowers for a seasonally approapriate alternative to a traditional vase.