10 Terrific Party Mixes to Try at Home Slideshow

We’re Drooling.

Any recipe that combines Rolos, Reese’s, and dark chocolate has our vote. 

Everything But the Sauce

And the crust — but the crunch makes up for it. This mix brings Italian staples mozzarella, pepperoni, and Parmesan to the table, and we hope they never leave.

Chicago Style

A little bit of this, a little bit of that — classic Chicago style.

Taco Chex Mix

We had to put an ode to Chex in here somewhere! This easy and flavorful snack will bring the fiesta flavor to the, well… fiesta.

Surprise, Surprise

Leave it to Rachael Ray to create a burger-and-fries combo that’s screaming for a nice shake to go with it.

Lone Star State of Chex

Betty is so good she made our list twice, this time for her combination of Jack cheese, beef jerky, and bacon. Oh, my.

Rockin’ Rocky Road

Born from that addictive love for kettle corn and a knack for rocky road ice cream — behold a great summer snack.

Ramen? Really?

Yes, really! The college kid’s survival snack, ramen noodles, paired with spicy ingredients like cayenne and curry powder, creates an immediate Asian flair — add snow peas and you've got your newest fix.

For the Spice Lover

A little cheese, a lot of crunch, and a kick of chili powder make this simple mix a success in our books.

Movie Time

While popcorn is the ultimate movie snack, we assure you that this mix will be a nice change of pace.