10 Strangest Celebrity Birthday Parties

Your birthday party probably wasn’t this weird…
Strange Celeb Parties
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Strange Celeb Parties

There’s nothing like being surrounded by family and friends as you make a wish and blow out your birthday candles. While a slice of cake, a scoop of ice cream, and a few balloons would delight kids and adults of all ages, this type of party is too low-key for many celebrities.

After all, stars are used to being the center of attention, so why should their birthday bashes be anything less than a blow-out? With guest lists brimming with hundreds of friends, the celebrations need to impress. The events need an A-list group of attendees ranging from singers and models to Oscar winners.

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High caliber parties hosted by celebrities take lots of planning, creativity, and yes, money! Celebs travel all over the world, rent out opulent hotels and even charter yachts. After all, a star’s birthday is reason to celebrate!

On the menu? Top shelf liquors and champagne, fresh seafood, comfort food like pizza, and cake — lots of cake. Some celebs even have several cakes for their parties. The cakes should be themed too, to match the event. Think sneakers for an NBA star’s get-together, a cartoon-themed cake for a singer’s bash, and a designer luggage style for another entertainer’s cake.

For a really strange celebrity party, costumes may be needed. That means it’s time to break out the feathers, masks, and jewelry. Costumed pals from kids’ TV shows and storybooks are invited too.

A rule for celebrity birthday celebrations? Don’t wince if you realize your party for adults would be better suited for kids, or that your kid’s party is really just an excuse for the adults to have fun.

No matter what, celebrity birthdays are expensive. Hosting fashion shows, fireworks displays and around-the-globe getaways is pricey, but the stars are willing to treat themselves and their friends to memorable, if odd, get-togethers.

Read on as we highlight some of the 10 strangest celebrity birthday parties ever.

Pharrell’s Cartoon Celebration

He may live in a pineapple under the sea, but SpongeBob Squarepants was the special guest at singer/producer Pharrell's 41st birthday party in New York City. Party guests included Alicia Keys, Swizz Beats, Soledad O’Brien and DJ Q-tip, as well as animated friends like Patrick and Squidward. For birthday dessert? Pharrell and friends munched on a cake that resembled a Krabby Patty.

Elton John’s 50th

In April 1997, Sir Elton John fêted himself with a lavish 50th birthday party in London. He arrived in an eight-foot-tall costume, dressed as Louis XIV, including a silver wig, a silver coat, and a 15-foot feather train. The guest list for the half-million dollar party, which is said to have exceeded 500 people, included composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and hypnotist Paul McKenna. While we don’t know the birthday menu for the “Crocodile Rock” singer, it was likely very high end, similar to the Academy Awards Viewing parties the star hosts every year for his AIDS Foundation, which feature five-course dinners.


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