15 Celebrity Party Disasters

Learn a lesson from these A-lister party fouls

That face looks innocent. Alas, Prince Harry isn't.

It's hardly a celebrity party if there isn't some sort of newsworthy drama. Whether it's a violent fight between beaus, refused entry to a VIP party, or big bashes broken up by the police, there are many lessons to be learned from these party-time faux pas.

Check Out These Outrageous Party Fouls!

What we can take away from these celebrity party disasters is that a little problem or a tiny fuss can quickly escalate given the right environment. When alcohol is involved, catastrophes are bound to ensue.

If we can learn anything from the offenses of the stars, it’s that keeping enemies apart at parties is paramount. Possible run-ins at a club could result in security kicking someone out for causing a fuss about said-enemy’s presence, or could even cause a brawl to break out over ownership of a shared love interest (yes, we’re talking about you Chris Brown and Drake). And stealing from an acquaintance's table at a club is also a no-no, too — that includes the alcohol and the women. It seems that those with power and deep pockets have short fuses, especially when it comes to their possessions.

Another big lesson to learn from these celebrities' slip-ups is that regardless of who you are, it’s possible to get kicked out of anywhere. Security has every right to show you to the door if you misbehave, and chances are you won’t get in if you weren’t invited — even if you did star in some 1980s movie.

Although the rich and famous have a lot to learn when it comes to behaving properly at a party or out at a club, we’re lucky that we can just watch it happen, and hopefully learn from their mistakes.


Take a cue from celebrity party embarrassments and keep your fists to yourself, don’t get naked in front of people with cameras, and don’t crash a party if you weren’t invited — especially if you’re going to cause a big to-do about it .