Great Graduation-Themed Parties for All Ages

From kindergarten through college, we’ve got you covered

Throw a bash with these great ideas!

Nothing says "summer is coming" quite like the end of the school year, especially when it is a marked occasion like a graduation.No matter what year your child is graduating from, there is something to celebrate.

Find the Party Theme That's Perfect For the Graduate in Your Life!

While in preschool, your ankle-biter learned how to be a part of a community and laid some of the groundwork for who they will be as social creatures.Your grade school graduate is ready for the most memorable years of their lives, and your college grads will soon embark on their career journey.

What better way to honor their accomplishments and usher them into a new part of their lives than to throw a graduation party they’ll never forget?

Of course, when you throw a graduation party, there are some great old reliable themes you can count on, like "Class of" parties that proudly boast their year of accomplishments, "Keys to Success" parties that welcome a bright future, and the evergreen "Congrats Grad" shindigs that work for any grad.

But if you’re interested in adding to the kitsch with ideas like cap and gown hors d'oeuvres, tailor your party specifically to your graduate.

Whether you want to celebrate your baby’s kindergarten graduation or send your high schooler off to college with a bang, there are plenty of creative ideas that will make your kids feel special for all of their accomplishments.


From crayon parties that preschoolers will adore to yearbook parties your junior high grad will never forget, we have tons of fun, fresh ideas you can easily host for the schoolyard star in your life.