10 Fun Kids' Birthday Party Ideas

The old days of kids' birthday parties at the bowling alley or disco roller-skating, delivery pizza, and slices of ice cream cake are behind us. These days, parents are getting creative with themed celebrations that they begin to plan months in advance, sometimes even employing a professional party planner to execute it all. However, no matter your budget, timeline, or intended level of complexity (or creativity), there are many fresh and fun new ideas to consider.

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Whether your birthday boy or girl is obsessed with the latest Disney movie or just loves that his birthday coincides with his favorite sport season, with a little research and preparation you can turn a basic theme into a memorable and festive event. Let your child's creativity inspire the party — more often than not, some of the most brilliant ideas come from little minds.

Looking for ideas for your child's next birthday celebration? Take a cue from one of the creative parties featured here. For your little Jedi Master obsessed with Yoda, host a Star Wars-themed party complete with themed cake and homemade lightsabers. With so many characters and pivotal movie moments, the galaxy is the limit when it comes to planning the menu, activities, and décor. Or, for the child with a sweet tooth, indulge their craving by teaching the craft of cookie decorating and also focus on the best part of any birthday: dessert.

Click here to see the 10 Fun Kids' Birthday Party Ideas Slideshow