10 Foods That Will Fill You Up Slideshow

1. Porridge


Goldilocks had the right idea when she ate up all of Baby Bear's breakfast that is, assuming she wanted to be full and satisfied for the rest of her adventurous day. Whether you call it mush, gruel, or oatmeal, it contains whole grains which help you feel fuller longer. There are plenty of fibers in whole grains which take longer for your body to digest, making you fuller on few calories and loading your body with many nutrients.

Tip: If instant oatmeal isn't for you, try making your own from a slow cooker rather than your microwave. Use skim milk to keep this recipe healthy and filling!

2. Eggs


The incredible, edible breakfast food once again shines as the star of the start of your day. Because of their high protein level, eggs have an ability to help you feel fuller longer. Louisiana State researchers discovered through a control group of obese and overweight women that those who start their day with an egg, versus those who start their day with a bagel, lost more weight when following the same low-fat diet.

Tip: Eggs are often overlooked in the breakfast shuffle, since they are such a familiar dish. Why not brighten them up with some wild rice (a great morning carb to help you burn more calories) for a unique taste?

3. Pasta

Veer/Robyn Mackenzie

While too much pasta isn't necessarily good for you, a healthy serving of whole-wheat pasta may be enough to offset a whole day of overeating. You'll feel fuller longer, not only because whole-wheat pasta has high amounts of fiber, but also because it contains high protein levels, which help you build leaner muscle and fill up your belly.

Tip: Swapping regular pasta for wheat pasta is an easy way to introduce healthy carbs into your diet without sacrificing taste. Cooking with other healthier ingredients, like butternut squash, is a way to feel full for less calories.

4. Oranges


On top of the fact that oranges contain healthy amounts of vitamin C and fortified minerals, they are a fantastic food to snack on. Unlike most fruits, oranges are about 86 percent water. According to the recently developed satiety index, the water helps to increase the portion size without adding extra calories, so it fills you up faster and longer.

Tips: Skip the orange juice in the morning and go straight to the source. Not only will you fill yourself up, you'll skip out on all the negatives (like high amounts of sugar) most commercial orange juices have to offer.

5. Nuts

Veer/Danny Smythe

Keep in mind that healthy fats are not your enemy, and an ounce a day of these powerful protein-packed treats can keep you satisfied. Nuts also contain powerful antioxidants, which help the body fight against free radicals and provide enough fiber to keep the munchies at bay.

Tip: If you are concerned about the high fat content, pack pistachio nuts for your mid-afternoon power-up. Put them in salads for a satisfying and great-tasting addition.

6. Prunes


Grandma isn't the only one who should enjoy this shriveled wonder food. Prunes are full of calorie-burning nutrients and are fiber-rich enough to fill you up during the day. A single prune's contents are about one-third water, so the fruit provides a more filling portion for far less calories.

Tip: If the thought of eating prunes alone just doesn't do it for you, try adding them to a dish to help your food become more satisfying.

7. Beans


Beans, beans, they're good for your heart... and your appetite, too! With insoluble fiber, beans not only fill you up, but also aid in lowering your cholesterol. Vitamins, minerals, and proteins are featured in every serving of beans and there are so many varieties that anyone can find something to satisfy their taste buds and cravings.

Tips: Because beans are rich in protein and help prevent overeating, you might want to consider replacing one meat meal a week with them. Gluten-free and vegetable-rich bean chili is a hearty way to fill up and replace a meat meal.

8. Apples


Whether you're dying for the tarty goodness of Granny Smith or the sweet familiar taste of Red Delicious, an apple a day may do more than keep the doctor away. This fruit is loaded with fiber to keep you full. The bulky fiber content turns off your body's appetite control hormones before you have a chance to give into any other snacks.

Tip: Ditch the sandwich. A whole apple, low-fat yogurt with some granola grains, and a glass of skim milk are a perfect way to use your mid-day meal calories and may help you to ward off grazing all day.

9. Peanut Butter


OK, so eating boatloads of this creamy, nutty spread might not do you good, but a layer on wheat bread or an addition to your favorite fruits and veggies will do the trick. Peanut butter is categorized as having a good kind of fat, with tons of protein. It can even help to lower your triglycerides, which is good news for your waist size and heart health.

Tip: Switching to reduced-fat and scratching the chunky peanut butter for a smooth variety are healthier ways to help you stay full.

10. White Potato

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Damning this tempting starch-ridden food will do you no good. A reasonable (read: moderate) portion of white potatoes was found to keep research participants sated for two hours in an Australian study. They can also keep you fuller three times longer than other foods.

Tip: Avoid the fried and fattening versions of this filling food, like fries and chips, since they seem to be less satisfying, according to the study. Treat yourself to Dutch oven or roasted potatoes for a healthier and heartier side dish that will keep you full.