10 Eggs for Dinner Recipes

Eggs make dinner quick and tasty


A popular way to prepare eggs for dinner is to add a fried egg for added flavor and richness.

That’s right, eggs aren’t just for breakfast. While some may argue the best egg recipes are classic breakfast dishes like eggs benedict or bite-size appetizers like deviled eggs, there’s nothing to say you can’t make those dishes for dinner. But beyond these breakfast classics, a popular way to prepare eggs for dinner is to add a fried egg or poached egg for added flavor and richness.

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Try making a smoky bacon and kale risotto with a fried egg or add it to a spicy garlic pasta dish. Rice also pairs well with eggs; think fried rice, for example. Eggs pair perfectly with vegetables and chicken or shrimp. Egg drop soup and spicy ramen with hard-boiled eggs are other ways to enjoy eggs for dinner.

Eggs not only add a rich and creamy flavor, since they’re full of amino acids, vitamins, and lean protein, they add nutrition as well. So get crackin’ and add eggs to a variety of savory dishes for dinner. At one point or another, we’ve all had cereal for dinner, right? So, swap out one breakfast staple for another and enjoy eggs (a much healthier option).

Check out some of these recipes that we’ve rounded up and next time you are wondering what to make for dinner, try eggs. Add a fried egg on top of whatever you are making or try out one of these recipes. 


This article was originally published on March 23, 2014.