Zipz Develops Disposable Single-Serving Wine


Zipz wine is the latest in drinking on the go for wine lovers.

Zipz Wine has caught onto something major: the lack of a single-serving wine offering at sporting events, bars, and even picnics. While some wine drinkers have no problem polishing off an entire bottle of their favorite varietal, it’s not as easy to smuggle that 750-milliliter bottle into a sporting event or concert where security forces you to dispose of it before even handing over your ticket. The idea is simple: Come up with an on-the-go, disposable container for wine.

Zipz’s website explains that J Henry Scott, CEO of Zipz, was convinced he could present premium wines in recyclable, BPA-free, high-quality plastic stemware that had the look and feel of glass. The Zipz team took that vision one step further by creating a patented design that ensures the wine stays fresh and the packaging clean until being opened. The brand fact sheet boasts that the Zipz glass is made from high-quality, food-grade PET plastic that looks and feels like traditional glassware, but is safe for use outdoors. And the product is easy to use. You peel off the plastic, pop off the lid, attach it to the bottom of the stem, and rip off the foil seal. The wine is offered in four varietals (pinot grigio, chardonnay, merlot and cabernet sauvignon) sourced from different regions of California.


The word must have spread quickly for wine lovers, because venues such as Citi Field picked Zipz’ portable wine right up. Liquor stores around the country are also catching onto the trend, which seems to be gaining speed. It used to be that one who doesn’t drink liquor or beer was at a loss when it came to public drinking, tailgating, and even picnics, but not anymore. Launched this summer, the product comes in a plastic goblet that holds 187 milliliters of wine, or 6.3 ounces, equivalent to about one-quarter of a bottle. Whether you’re picking up the four-pack or even a single serving, this opens up a whole new world of wine drinking.