Airline Food May Actually Be Cooked On Board

In 2012, Etihad Airways plans to staff chefs on board to cook first-class meals

Some of us won't have to worry about deadly airline meals anymore. Abu Dhabi-based airline Etihad is hiring 110 chefs to prep and cook meals for their Diamond Class cabin.

These aren't just any old chefs; candidates for the position must have at least six years of experience in five-star restaurants, and some have even come from Michelin-starred restaurants. Luckily, they even get foamers to play around with.

The onboard chefs are currently cooking on flights from Abu Dhabi to London, Paris, Sydney, and Melbourne.

By early 2012, Etihad hopes to have first-class chefs on all long flights, so no more packing ramen for a filler snack. Hopefully other airlines will catch on soon; we're tired of scrounging for the best airport eats.

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