chocolate pizza


You Won't Believe What People Put on Their Pizza Around the World

Some things just don’t belong on a pie, but that certainly doesn’t stop some people from putting them there
chocolate pizza


The strange pizza toppings on this list are surprisingly delicious.

There’s so much more to pizza than cheese. People will really put anything on a pizza, from pineapple to mashed potatoes to macaroni and cheese. Visitors to the Minnesota State Fair have even admitted to indulging in a corn-dog-topped pizza! Surprisingly, these choice toppings are still fairly palatable in comparison to some.

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Some people try to combine pizza with their other favorite foods like ribs or hamburger meat (or in some cases the whole hamburger). Then there are combinations like the baked beans pizza from the UK, which pushes the envelope even further. In Missouri, certain locals take advantage of cicada season by baking the bugs into a cheesy masterpiece. Even stranger is the alligator, frog, and python pizza enjoyed by truly adventurous eaters in the Sunshine State.

What strange toppings would you put on your pizza? Crocodile? Kangaroo? Read on to see what unusual toppings people are putting on their pizzas around the world.


Original reporting by Serusha Govender.