You Say "Macaroon," I Say "Macaron"

You Say "Macaroon," I Say "Macaron"
Candace, one of my readers, and I share a mutual love for all-things-French.  She is currently planning her next jaunt to Paris, and I've sent her a list of some of my favorite "must-eats" in the City of Lights.  
Aside from a cone topped with an ample scoop of Berthillon's Salted-Caramel ice cream, I told her, rather adamantly, that her first stop, post-customs must be at Laduree, for their life-changing macarons.  Her reply?   "I just discovered that macarons are not what I thought.  Not a single flake of coconut in them...Sounds yummy."
For those of you out there that, upon hearing the word "macaron," imagine the overly-sweet, coconut "clump" produced by Manischewitz, have a looksie at this video, courtesy of Candace:  Clearly, the "macaroon" and the "macaron" could not be more different.  
Apparently, macarons are predicted to be one of 2011's biggest food trends.  I, for one, could not be happier.
*For a list of my favorite macaron shops in NYC, click here.
Read it & eat...and get educated on yummy French treats,
The Lunch Belle