You Can Now Officially Get Chocolate Wasted


Photo by Julia Murphy

This Dude from Dallas (really lady, if you want to get technical) also concocted a Break-up Potion for you bourbon drinkers out there. Same deal, just swap the tequila for bourbon and you’re broken heart is healed with a dash over your personal pint of Ben & Jerry’s. (Pro Tip: Ignore the servings per container, by four they obviously meant one.)

The bourbon goes best drizzled over apple pie, dumped on top of ice cream or snuck into coffee, just maybe not your morning brew, but on second thought… Anyway, the tequila is prime for adding to mango and pineapple sorbets or mixed into banana fondue, but both are awesome in a 3 to 1 alcohol to sauce ratio chocolate martini or just accompanied by a spoon.

Photo courtesy of Dude, Sweet Chocolate

Bottles of 4 ounces cost $8 and the 16 ounces for those willing to go the extra mile, are $30. The hefty charge of shipping is well outweighed by the pure bliss that is getting dessert drunk.

Not buzzed yet? Check these out to get you turnt:

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