Yogurtland’s Winning Combinations


Photo by Lee Ann Meadows

Their extensive toppings bar includes things like waffle pieces, pumpkin bread bites, cookie dough minis, cheesecake bites, mandarin oranges, Cap‘n Crunch, sour gummi worms and so much more.

To help make it easy for you, I came up with 3 of the most delicious (and endless) combinations at Yogurtland to spark your inspiration:

1) Cookies on Cookies on Cookies

Photo by Lee Ann Meadows

Yogurt Flavors:
Double Cookies and Cream
French Vanilla

Toffee crunch
Cookie dough bites
Mini M&M’s
Cookies and cream crunch
Rainbow sprinkles
Whipped Cream

2) Thanksgiving Feast

Photo by Lee Ann Meadows

Yogurt Flavors:
Pumpkin pie
Cinnamon graham cracker

Pumpkin pie bites
Chocolate rolled wafers
Chocolate sauce
Speculous cookies

3) Sorbae

Photo by Lee Ann Meadows

Yogurt Flavors:
Strawberry lemon sorbet
Raspberry lemon sorbet

Lifesaver gummies
Rainbow Sprinkles
Cheesecake bites

Photo by Lee Ann Meadows

As you can see, the options at Yogurtland are endless. So bundle up and head to Marshall St. to get your fix- it might just be the only glimpse of sunshine in Syracuse all winter.

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