Yelp Prices Shares at $12 to $14

Their total shares could be worth $838.2 million


User-generated review site Yelp first filed for an initial public offering back in November, and they've finally released what they'll be selling their shares for.

The web site will be offering 7.15 million shares with prices between $12 and $14 per share. On the higher end of that range, Forbes reports, the total value of shares would come out to be $838.2 million.

Yelp reportedly racked in $83.3 million last year, a 74.6 percent jump from 2010's measly $47.7 million.

Granted, some of the 25 million reviews are posted by made up people, and a couple of the 606,000 businesses on there are fictional restaurants, but the IPO could raise some $100 million for the company. Good thing they didn't sell to Google, we guess.

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