Internet Unearthed 'SNL's' Stefan K. on Yelp

Somebody has been posing like the 'Saturday Night Live' character
Screenshot of Yelp User Stefan K.'s Profile
Yelp/<A href="">Stefan K.</a>

Screenshot of Yelp User Stefan K.'s Profile

Remember when the Internet unearthed McDowell's Yelp profile? You know, the fictional restaurant from Coming to America?

Well, it looks like the Internet has also unearthed some Yelp reviews courtesy of SNL party character Stefon K. On East Village's Angels and Kings, he writes, "If you come on Sundays, you can meet the 2-year-old Ultimate Fighting champion Drooly Lips Jackson — he's got fists like little empanadas!... And he's my best friend."

On Ella, he writes, "This club has EVERYTHING. Jeffries, live-action Furbies, Jewish pole vaulters, closeted guidos, and flaming straight guys making out with none other than THE Nelson Mandela!"

Watch this SNL clip below to hear Stefon K. live, or head over to Yelp and see whether the impersonator does a good job. And even though it's funny, it probably won't help Yelp with their quest to kill fake reviews.

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