Yankees Screw Up Stadium Food Again

An atrocious Boar's Head turkey sandwich replaces the city's best turkey sandwich
Yankees Screw Up Stadium Food Again
Arthur Bovino

Boar's Head's dry turkey sandwich no match for Torrisi's banished turkey.

It was bad enough that when planning the new Yankee Stadium the Yanks allowed the bumbling Mets (the Mets for crying out loud!) to snag Shake Shack and create a far more impressive culinary lineup than anything going on in the Bronx. Instead of bringing in Danny Meyer, they went with Moe's nasty nachos, Carl's Jr.'s dry "Philly" cheesesteaks, and cardboard Famiglia pizza. In-stadium restaurants aside, allowing Torrisi to come in and set up a sandwich stand was the only other really smart food move they'd made save Lobel's. That makes the Yankees' Torrisi turkey-gate scandal all the more disheartening.

If you haven't already heard, Torrisi's turkey sandwich, arguably New York City's best rendition, has disappeared from Yankee Stadium. It was nowhere to be found on a visit this past Saturday, the worker at the Parm stand saying, "Boar's Head bought the rights to turkey in Yankee Stadium."

In its place was a new, far less successful — and fairly oily — eggplant and mozzarella sandwich (left). It's nice that vegetarians have an option while rooting on the Yanks, but the more red-blooded fans will be forced back to the Lobel's steak sandwich, which previous to the Torrisi stand, was the stadium's best food option.

Neither representatives for Boar's Head nor Torrisi have been reachable for comment, and so far the Yankees have been mum, but yesterday, a tipster to Eater wrote in with a theory about why the sandwich was removed, one supposedly informed by the chefs at Torrisi offshoot Parm. "Basically, in the offseason, Boar's Head made a stink about being the sole provider of turkey at Yankee Stadium, forced them to take it off the menu... Yankee Stadium has at least four different steak sandwiches, I think there's room for two turkey sandwiches."

Of course, you have to guess that the much larger Boar's Head concession makes a lot more money, and brings in more dough rights-wise for the Yanks than a little stand like Torrisi, but here's one thing it doesn't do — make a turkey sandwich worth a damn.

Interested to know what Boar's Head is offering as the stadium's turkey alternative? You're really not. It's just going to make you mad. A dry, condimentless roll filled with packed layers of dry, grocery store turkey, a limp slice of tomato, a few iceberg lettuce afterthoughts, and some cheese. It's something you'd expect from a soup kitchen (blessed though they are for the work they do).

What "Bore's" Head should have done was up its game — make a sandwich worth talking about. They could have even used the Torrisi boys' very public recipe themselves! After all, everyone knows how hard it is to sue over a recipe (good luck). Instead, Boar's Head was a bully and the Yanks, well, they turned out to be the real turkey.

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