Worth the wait...


maybe if you're a tourist and don't know any better.  While the ramen noodles here are good, I think it's overhyped and overrated. Come on now, waiting 2 hours for a bowl of noodles that you can probably slurp down within 10 min?

I came here once just to see what the hype is all about, but I refuse to put myself through that again.

I don't understand why these noodles cost so much.  ~$20 bucks for a small portion of noodles.  

The pork belly buns costs about $8.  I'd rather get something from Chinatown for way less.  The buns here are prepackaged and aren't made in house.  I've seen them open them up and place them in a bin.  You can get the same buns at a Japanese/Korean mart. 

But hey, with this crowd of people that line up everyday for this stuff, they can charge whatever they want.