World's Most Expensive Hot Dog Only Costs $100

Vancouver's Dougie Dog has introduced the Dragon Dog, $31 more expensive than the previous record holder

Dragon Dog

Serendipity's $69 "Haute" dog is no longer the most expensive hot dog in the world. Guinness World Records announced that the Dragon Dog, from Vancouver's DougieDog, is now the most expensive hot dog in the world, priced at the grand sum of $100.

While the "Haute" dog was a foot-long frank with black truffles and foie gras on a white-truffle butter-filled pretzel roll, the Dragon Dog boasts a foot-long pork frank infused with 100-year-old Louis XIII cognac. It's topped with lobster, Kobe beef seared in olive and truffle oil, and a special picante sauce.

And while that may not be real Japanese Kobe beef, the 100-year-old cognac does cost $2,400 a bottle, explaining the hefty price tag. The DougieDog owner, who goes by dougieluv, claims, "A hundred bucks isn't that much to pay for a great, memorable dinner. Plus, the Dragon Dog is great for sharing and the perfect way to impress a date."


If you really want to impress a date, however, may we suggest Umami Burger's $100 1 percent burger? Or perhaps just ask DougieDog to add some foie gras, or edible gold flakes, to jack up the price a bit more.