The World of Wine

Everything you ever wanted to know about wine, from our ultimate guide

Welcome to the world of wine.

Let's face it: it's not always easy to understand wine. What wine goes with what dish? Which varietal is best for each time of year? How should you order wine at a restaurant? How do you properly serve wine? And most importantly, which wines are worth buying? 

Check out The World of Wine Guide

We realize that wine is confusing, and that not everyone quite gets it. But now, we're launching the ultimate guide to everything you've ever wondered about wine. From the grape vine to the glass, our new guide to wine can answer all the questions you might have — and get you thinking about that next glass of wine you're already craving. 

Our guide takes you from the very basics — how wine is made, where wine is made, who is making great wines — to the bigger questions you might have. We are of course always interested in pairing wines with our favorite meals, and boy do we have lots of food and wine inspiration to share. But what's most exciting about our new guide is our wine ratings. Now, you can not only search for wines rated by the best authorities out there (Wine Enthusiast, Robert Parker, Stephen Tanzer's International Wine Cellar), but you can also review your favorite bottles for the world to see. Plus, you can browse through our own tasting notes from some of the world's leading wine experts to find out what they're drinking now, and what they're loving. 

It's not hard to learn more about your favorite wines — or, get inspired to find new ones. You can search our wine catalog by varietal, which will give you more information about the varietal itself, as well as what foods to pair it with and the top-rated bottles out there. When you click on a wine you want to learn more about (for example, let's look at the Delas Hermitage Les Bessards, 2009 syrah), you'll find the winemaker's notes, similar wines, and more about the region. And if you end up trying it, you can enter your own review for other wine enthusiasts, like yourself, to read on The Daily Meal.


Whether you're a wine novice or practically a sommelier, there's always more to learn, and love, about wine. Our guide covers more than 60,000 wines in just our catalog alone, leaving much for you to pick through and explore. While we're still in beta form, there's likely to be bugs here and there; but overall, we think we have just about the most comprehensive guide to wine on the Web. Check out our guide to wine and explore the wonderful world of wine.