World Series Strikes Bet Between Boston and St. Louis

Jim Koch of Sam Adams in Boston and Dan Kopman of Schlafly in St. Louis have a little wager going on for the World Series

Jim Koch and Dan Kopman raise their glasses in honor of the 2013 World Series

This year the World Series might get a little more heated than usual. Two brewers from the competing cities of Boston and St. Louis have started a wager that is quickly gaining popularity in both cities. Jim Koch of Sam Adams is so confident that the Boston Red Sox are going to win this year’s World Series he made a bet with St. Louis’ Schlafly owner Dan Kopman. The wager? If St. Louis wins, Koch will deliver two cases of his flagship Boston Lager and a lobster dinner, and if Boston wins, Kopman will supply his Schlafly Pale Ale and a dinner from Pappy’s Smokehouse.

"Koch may be full of confidence, but that doesn’t mean that Kopman doesn’t have his heart set on his own home team winning" But the bet doesn’t stop there! A recent press release told us that each brewer has also invited the competitor to brew a beer of their choice in their respective breweries in Boston and St. Louis — all expenses paid. Koch said, "Here in Boston, we are lucky to be home to some of the best sports teams in the country. The Boston Red Sox are the epitome of passion and true American tradition. I look forward to seeing the Red Sox bring home the World Series trophy once again — and then toasting with a Boston Lager. May the best team win!"

Koch may be full of confidence, but that doesn’t mean that Kopman doesn’t have his heart set on his own home team winning. Kopman said, "I look forward to our 12th World Series victory and then visiting my good friend Jim and toasting with a Schlafly Pale Ale." It seems like the bet is getting heated!

Who do you think will win the Sam Adams–Schlafly bet? Post your answer in the comments section below! And if you’re not all about slugging back beers during the World Series, we came across a cocktail that might interest fans of both teams, the Hornitos Bro-Mosa, as well as a local Boston favorite, the Green Monster, which you can ask for at local dive bar Mary Ann's in Cleveland Circle.


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