World of Beer Makes an iPhone App

Florida bar chain creates a smart phone app to organize your favorite beers

Now you can decide what to order before arriving at your nearest World of Beer Location

World of Beer, a Florida bar chain, has found a way to combine beer and technology — you can now use your smart phone to peruse the massive selection of beers offered at a location near you (there are currently 29 locations open now, and nine opening soon across the nation). With more than 500 different bottled beers and 50 on tap to choose from at the Dadeland location alone, it’s a wonder how anyone ever decided on one without the app.

The app alphabetizes all beers offered at each location, along with its country of origin, and lightness or darkness factor. For further specifications, simply tap on a beer to find out its color, origin, style, ABV, size and description. To narrow down a potentially overwhelming list, use the filters at the bottom to find the perfect brew you are looking for. Unfortunately, one of the flaws of the app is that it doesn’t list prices.

A perk of the new app is the loyalty program, which rewards customers for their dedication to drinking at World of Beer. For $15, you can buy your membership that includes any two beers on tap, a WOB Koozkie and a personal membership card—plus you can feel just a little more exclusive. Naturally, the more points you earn the more rewards you get.

There is also a feature that allows you to provide feedback about a specific location directly to the corporate office. Finally, the app has a calendar that keeps track of specials and events such as live music up to a month and a half in advance.

For all you Android users out there: sorry, but the app is only currently available for iPhones.