Word of Mouth: Caroline Potter's Best of New York City

Get tips on the best dining and nightlife in New York City from Caroline Potter of OpenTable.
Caroline Potter
Christine Rosen

Caroline Potter

Caroline Potter is the Chief Dining Officer for OpenTable, a site dedicated to online restaurant reservations. On her OpenTable blog, Dining Check, Caroline reports food news.

Brunch: Norma's

Fancy: Daniel

Best Value: Jo's

Bar Scene/Drinks: Pegu

Business Lunch: Gramercy Tavern

Burger: 5 Napkin Burger (My friend and burger blogger, Darren Atkins of DmanBurger, helped me pick this as I eschewed burgers this year.)

Pizza: DiFara

Sandwich: Once Upon a Tart Roasted Turkey

Food Truck: King of Falafel and Shawarma

Regional: The Redhead

Hidden Gem: Perilla

Mexican/Latin American: La Superior

Japanese: Megu

Spanish/Tapas: Casa Mono

Thai/Southeast Asian: SriPraPhai

Wine List: SHO Shaun Hergatt

Chinese: Golden Unicorn

Seafood: Le Bernadin

Steak: Dylan Prime

Italian: Del Posto

Barbecue: Fette Sau

Desserts: Le Bernadin

Indian: Tabla

Vegetarian: Dirt Candy

Wild Card: Le Veau d'Or