Woman Arrested for Drugging Online Date with Poison Chocolate

The woman drugged and robbed her online date right in the middle of a restaurant


A woman in Japan has allegedly been drugging her online dates with homemade chocolate and robbing them right in the restaurant.

Online dating can be a fraught proposition, but dates are not usually quite as bad as they have been for some men in Japan, where authorities say a young woman has allegedly been drugging her dates with homemade chocolate and robbing them right in the middle of restaurants.

According to Rocket News 24, a 52-year-old man in Japan had an online date that seemed too good to be true when he met up with a 23-year-old medical student named Midori Kohama. The pair connected on a dating site and agreed to meet in person for dinner. Kohama, who is a pharmaceutical student, was even thoughtful enough to bring along a box of homemade chocolates. She urged her date to try them, and it would have been rude to refuse, so he went right ahead and helped himself. Then he passed out.

Kohama had reportedly used her pharmaceutical skills to drug the chocolates so the man fell asleep right in the restaurant. While he was out, she made off with two ATM cards from his wallet and left him in the restaurant to sleep it off.


The police caught up with Kohama and arrested her, later saying that she had been arrested barely a month earlier for pulling the same scam on another man. That one got off even worse: He was using his birthday as his ATM PIN, and Kohama was allegedly able to figure it out and steal nearly a million yen, or about $8,000.