Woman Charged with Poisoning Starbucks' Orange Juice

Don't trust the orange juice containers in the Starbucks display case

Today in "Oh my god, not going to drink or eat anything ever again" news, a woman in California was charged with attempted murder after two bottles of Starbucks' orange juice were found to contain rubbing alcohol. Sure makes you rethink that front refrigerated display case, huh? 

CNN reports that Ramineh Behbehanian, 50, was arrested after another customer saw her pulling out two orange juice containers from her purse and adding them to the cold display case. The store then called in firefighters and police, evacuated the store, and pulled every bottle from the display case. The store also alerted neighboring stores to be on the lookout. The good news (if you can say that) is that police said they had no reason to believe that there were any further threats of tainted juices at Starbucks. 

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Police did say that the bottles looked like they had been opened, and not poisoned with a syringe — so do be looking at which bottle you're picking up.