Winners of Dinner with Obama Spill on Their Date

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There were mini Chicago hot dogs and swordfish
Obama and Four Lucky Winners
Obama for America/ Royd Chung

Obama and Four Lucky Winners

Remember when the announcement that donating $3 could win you a dinner with Obama? Well, the first round of winners (from the July contest) finally had their date, and Obama Foodorama has all the details.

The four diners plus President Obama dined at The Liberty Tavern in Arlington, Va., ordering the "Harpoon Caught Swordfish," served "Portuguese style," with white beans, sweet peppers, lamb sausage escarole, and littleneck clam sauce. There was also a "Tavern Salad" and mini Chicago-style hot dogs complete with the electric green relish.

For some odd reason, all the diners refused dessert. "The president offered us dessert at the end of the meal... None of us wanted it — what was I thinking! #DinnerWithBarack," tweeted one diner. Had they accepted dessert, they probably could've gotten another 15 minutes with Obama. Instead, the dinner was just 70 minutes long. Tip to the to-be-announced winners of Dinner with Barack II Sweepstakes: Never say no to dessert.

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