Donate to Win Dinner with Obama

Staff Writer
His campaign is randomly choosing winners for three spots at the presidential dinner table

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Obama for America is raffling off one of three spots to have dinner with President Obama. To win a seat, visitors need to donate $3 or more by Friday, Sept. 30 to Obama’s 2012 campaign.

According to the web site, first lady Michelle Obama says, “These dinners mean a lot to Barack. They're a chance for him to talk with a few of the people who are driving the campaign — and a chance for him to say thank you.”

The campaign has done a similar sweepstakes before, with another dinner for four offered back in July. The winners of the first sweepstakes have not been announced.

According to Katie Hogan, the deputy press secretary for Obama’s 2012 campaign, there is not a date or location set for either dinner. She believes they will occur before 2012's election day. But hey, the sweepstakes includes airfare and accomodation.

If you’re nervous about the possibility of meeting Mr. President, here are some comforting words from Mrs. Obama: “Just relax. Barack wants this dinner to be fun, and he really loves getting to know supporters like you.”

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