Chateau d'Yquem Sauternes 2011

Sauternes and Barsac
France - Bordeaux

About the Region

One of the most famous and priciest sweet wine categories in the world, sauternes is produced in the Sauternais region of Graves, southeast of Pessac-Léognan and the city of Bordeaux. It produces only white wines, made from various blends of sauvignon blanc, sémillon, and muscadelle grapes that have been affected with the so-called "noble rot," Bortrytis cinerea, which shrivels them, concentrating their sugar and lending their juice an unmistakable honeyed flavor. The undisputed king of Sauternes is Château d'Yquem, an intensely concentrated nectar that can be among the most expensive wines in the world. Barsac is a commune within Sauternes, producing wines that are sometimes drier and lighter than other bottlings from the region. It may be labeled either as Barsac or Sauternes.