Wider 42: The Transformer of the Sea


The Wider 42' yacht may remind some of a transformer, only it's way cooler because it's real (sorry, kids). Developed on an idea by Wider President Tilli Antonelli, and interpreted by yacht designer Fulvio De Simoni, this day cruiser is versatile with a very open design scheme — so open that the sides extend out in case you want to have a dance party on deck.

Wider calls their 42' yacht a "fusion of strength, cutting-edge technology and design excellence." With twin 480hp Cummins engines giving her a top speed of 44 knots (around 50mph), this vessel is apparently pretty lightweight — thanks to the carbon hull and deck.

All you have to do to expand the sides, which only takes 12 seconds, is to push a button on the panel. Once extended, the deck ends up being nearly 22 feet wide. Not only does this give you and your friends more room to relax, it also gives the boat extra stability, which could come in handy when you're grilling streaks thanks to the outdoor galley. The multi-pad system found at the stern starts as a sun pad but can take on four additional layouts: one for diving equipment, stowing tender, a jet ski, and a fight chair for fishing big game.

There is also a kitchen, living room with sofa bed, bathroom and a bedroom all onboard — pretty impressive for being only 43 feet long, despite what the name implies.