Why Eat Pizzaghetti When You Can Drink It?

Quebec’s convenient store chain Couche-Tard pays homage to its local cuisine of pizzaghetti by turning it into a frozen drink.

A pizzaghetti Slurpee.

Why have to choose between spaghetti and pizza when you can have pizzaghetti? In parts of Quebec, this is a popular meal. But then again, why eat pizzaghetti when you can drink it? Couche-Tard, a Quebec-based convenience store, now offers a pizzaghetti flavored frozen Sloche beverage, similar to a Slurpee.

This is not the first bizarre-flavored Sloche that Couche-Tard has offered. According to the Huffington Post, the chain has carried wonton and beef flavor in the past.

Sound a little too good (or weird…) to be true? Well, the odd flavors of icy beverages offered by the convenience store actually just resemble the names of flavors. So no, there is no pizza or spaghetti floating around in your Sloche. Instead, the drinks taste like familiar flavors —  in this case, strawberry (pizza) and kiwi (ghetti).

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The company posted the humorous commercial for the new flavor earlier in May, which shows the love story between the flavors. The Sloche is still available at the Couche-Tard locations. As for the meal? It’s available at many Quebec fast food restaurants and family restaurants, but we doubt it is available yet in Italy.