What Alcohol Pairs Best with 7-Eleven Slurpees?

The Daily Meal does the research on alcoholic slurpees

Look, everyone loves a free Slurpee on National Slurpee Day from 7-Eleven. But we have a second love over here at The Daily Meal: booze. So who better to research what liquor goes best in your 7-Eleven Slurpee?

While flavors vary at locations across the country, we've got the basics of what booze to be sneaking into your Big Gulp:

Rum and Coca-Cola: If you even have to think twice about this, put the bottle down. You don't deserve the Slurpee.

Vodka and Fanta Blue Raspberry: Something neutral for the very, very blue-flavored Slurpee.

Tequila and Watermelon-Lime: A poor man's margarita!

Tequila and Summer Time  Lime: Just add salt and you've got another marg on the rocks.

Whipped Cream Vodka and Fanta Orange: A boozy creamsicle-tasting Slurpee.

Rum and Piña Colada: A poor man's piña colada!

We'll be making our own booze-infused Slurpees later today, so stayed tuned: you might just find your winning boozy concoction before the Slurpees run out.