Whole Foods Sued for Unregistered Pesticides

California demands an explanation

People are second guessing their trust in Whole Foods.

Is Whole Foods really “America’s healthiest grocery store?” According to Huffington Post, Whole Foods is being sued by the state of California for unregistered pesticide useon pet products and repellants.

The four products that have the pesticides include 365 Natural Nine Pine Pellets cat litter, Purely Botanical cat flea spray, Purely Botanical dog flea spray, and Environment Bugs R Done insect spray.

The lawsuit claims that because these are unregistered pesticides, it’s not safe to use on their pets.

But this isn't a new issue. According to Charlotte Fadd, a spokesperson for The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR), said, “We’ve been going back on this at least a year,” and that the pesticides in the products are not harmful.

So why haven’t these pesticides been registered with the state? This is the million dollar question California is demanding from Whole Foods.


Whole Foods could not comment on the situation for legal reasons.