Whip Up Caviar Beads and Bubble Mojito's With Molécule-R Kits


While Bill Nye the Science Guy made science cool, molecular gastronomy combines it with food and that's truly unbeatable. When the fusion is extended to cocktails it gets even better, which is where Molécule-R comes in. Offering an array of kits, the company makes gastronomy of the more scientific variety accessible to everyone, whether you're a professional cook or a complete amateur. Their R-Evolution Pack comes with Cuisine & Cocktail R-Evolution kits, as well as a can of popping sugar and a silicon mold. Mint caviar beads and chocolate spaghetti with a mojito served in a large bubble, anyone? It has everything you need to create the strangest dinner party your friends have ever attended and it definitely won't be one they forget any time soon.