Which Restaurant Chain Sells the Most Beer?

The answer might surprise you

Out of all the restaurant chains out there, Buffalo Wild Wings takes the cake for selling the most beer in America, according to CNBC. After launching in 1982, the chain is now open in more than 900 different locations with a wide enough beer selection to keep wing lovers happy.

Even though the chain did not make their statistics available, they assured CNBC that they do in fact pour more beer than any other restaurant chain. "We have the advantage of being the largest pourer of draft beer in the county, if not the world," Andy Dismore, vice president of Food & Beverage Experience at Buffalo Wild Wings, told the outlet.

Each restaurant has approximately 30 draft beers that include a selection of regional favorites tailored to each location, CNBC reported. In order to provide their customers with such a desirable beer selection, the chain uses a three-tiered system to choose which beers to pour. They first offer big brand beers (ie: Coors Light, Bud, or Miller) in every restaurant nationwide. Next, locations from each state serve the best regional beers from each state. And lastly, each restaurant then has the opportunity to choose their own seasonal offering based on a local favorite or customer preference.

The restaurant takes pride in its ability to take advantage of local beer resources and incorporate customers’ opinions into their selection process. "What's really worked for us is to have the ability to serve the beers our guests are really demanding and asking for," Buffalo Wild Wings’ manager of Beverage Innovation Patrick Kirk told CNBC. The chain also recently teamed up with the NCAA to be dubbed "The Official Hangout of NCAA March Madness," so it’s certain that their guests will definitely be putting the beer selection to good use.

We suppose it’s safe to say that Buffalo Wild Wings didn’t lie when they decided to use the tagline, "Your Home For Wings. Beer. Sports." for their restaurant.

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