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Which Chain Has the Cheapest Wings? Slideshow

How low can you go?

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11) Hard Rock Cafe

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This chain, with outposts all over the world (and a rabid following of T-shirt collectors), sells, by far, the most expensive chain wings in the country. Orders generally arrive with either five or six wings and sell for $11.50, making each wing (if you only get five in your order) a whopping $2.30.

10) Planet Hollywood

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The two flashiest chains took the top two spots on our list. At Planet Hollywood, whose openings have often been graced by movie stars (or something close to it), eight wings come to an order, which costs $10.99. That equals out to $1.37 per wing. 

9) Ruby Tuesday

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Coming in eighth place is Ruby Tuesday, a chain best known for its burger varieties. An order of nine wings sells for $10.99, with a per-wing price of $1.22.

8) Cheesecake Factory

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Orders of wings at The Cheesecake Factory, which was founded in Beverly Hills, Calif. in 1978 and currently has more than 150 locations nationwide, are measured by weight. Each order contains 9 ounces of wings, which most often averages out to nine wings. With orders selling for $10.95, that means each wing sells for $1.22. The same per-wing price as Ruby Tuesday, but a lower price overall.

7) Applebee's

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With its "neighborhood" appeal and everyman approach, Applebee’s falls squarely in the middle when it comes to wing prices (and food prices overall). An order of 10 wings sells for $10.99, which comes to $1.10 per wing. If you order 20, however, the price falls to $16.49, or a very reasonable $0.82 per wing.  

6) Chili's

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Chili’s, like Applebee’s, is another one of those big chains that seems to be accessible from just about every suburban town. And also like Applebee’s, its wing prices are right in the middle of the road. Orders of nine wings sell for $9.19, equaling out to $1.02 per wing.

5) T.G.I. Friday's

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Rounding out the trifecta of ubiquitous chain bar and grills is T.G.I Friday’s, perhaps the most famous of them all. It also has the cheapest wings of the three, breaking the dollar barrier. Orders of 10 sell for $9.29, coming to $0.93 per wing.

4) Buffalo Wild Wings

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With a name like Buffalo Wild Wings, it’s expected that wings here would be plentiful, and cheap. True on both counts. Wings here are sold in multiples of six, and 12 wings goes for $10.88. That amounts to $0.91 per wing. They’re also sold in orders of 18 ($0.86 per wing), 24 ($0.84 per wing) and 50 ($0.81 per wing).  

3) Kentucky Fried Chicken


As we head into fast-food territory, as expected, the wings become less expensive. An order of 10 Hot Wings from this chain sells for $8.99, or about $0.90 per wing.

2) Pizza Hut

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This pizza chain might not be the most obvious place to find wings, but not only do they sell them in several varieties (Buffalo in three heat levels, and six additional flavors), theyre also among the least expensive around. An order of 14 wings sells for $11 in most locations, which means that each costs a decidedly cheap $0.79.

1) Wing Zone

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This fast-growing chain of wing shops has over 60 locations in 20 states, and is perhaps best known for one can't-beat feature: delivery. They're also known for their very inexpensive wings, the least-expensive in the country, in fact. At their flagship restaurant in Smyrna, Ga., for example,10 wings are $7.49. When you do the math, that means that each wing costs only $0.75.