Where to Eat, Sleep, and Play on St. Croix

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How to enjoy a long weekend on the luxe U.S. Virgin Island

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The cruise ship-free island of St. Croix is a water lover's paradise, offering great snorkeling, diving, and sailing. Christiansted, the main town, has a Danish 18th-century feel, with its brightly colored buildings and a large 18th-century fort complete with cannons and artillery overlooking the harbor. The rich colonial history is felt throughout the island, including the practice of driving on the left side of the road.

Sleep: For longer stays (you will have to come back some time) or if you're with a group, rent a villa with Donna Ford, where you will find a great selection of properties. The best homes can be found on the north shore west of the Buccaneer, or on Shoy beach. For a hotel stay, The Buccaneer is a throwback to the 17th century and sits atop a hill just minutes outside of Christiansted.

Eat and Drink: The coolest, and arguably best, restaurant on the island is Savant, offering a mix of French and local cuisine with an excellent wine list. Stock your villa or pack a fabulous picnic with gourmet foods from Schooner Bay Market.

Drink with the locals at Comanche Mill Yacht-Less Club, a Stonehenge-esque building and converted sugar cane mill. Take your rum punch to go and stroll through town, as there are no open carry laws. Late-night debauchery can be found at Club 54, but be prepared for heavy drinking, as the custom is for patrons to buy everyone at the bar rounds of shots.

Play: Sail to Buck Island and snorkel at the world-class reef. Ask for Kara as the captain for your day's adventure. Or stay above the water in a sea kayak and paddle out to Green Cay, where you'll find hammocks to lounge on and fully shaded huts which can be rented for just $10. You'll have company from a family of iguana's that live on the beach. (Photo courtesy of Flickr/tehusagent)

Once back on St. Croix, enjoy a poolside lunch at the Deep End Restaurant at the Tamarind Reef hotel. The kitchen and bar serve excellent food and drinks and the infinity pool overlooks the ocean and Green Cay.

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