What Wines Pair with Halloween Candy?

Wine picks for Halloween festivities

When it comes to holiday-themed wine pairings, Halloween definitely presents more of a trick than a treat. As a theme, guilt-free gastronomy clearly doesn’t make the grade, but that doesn’t preclude a fun evening for the festive foodie. Here are our favorite ways to get creative with Halloween’s best-known candies.

When it comes to chocolate, the intensity of your tannin should match your cocoa. Milk chocolate Hershey’s? Think merlot. Duckhorn’s second label, known as Decoy, makes a stellar one and it’s a bargain. Meanwhile, a dark chocolate Dove bar calls for a big cabernet or even a port.

Candy apples, caramel squares, and anything in between go great with rich, buttery chardonnays. Think California oak, but steer clear of Napa Valley for the best prices. We dig the creamy vanilla texture of the MacMurray Ranch Chardonnay from Sonoma Coast. ($20)

You probably hated them when you were a kid, but over time, Almond Joys have a way of growing on you. Not only is the coconut a great excuse for “healthy” Halloween-ing, it also pairs perfectly with a sweet French dessert wine like Barton & Guestier’s Sauternes.

Finally, nothing says “Halloween” quite like candy corn — from its fall hues to chewy texture. The kernels pack some sugar, so look to match or exceed in sweetness. Tawny port, for instance, is a great bet.


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