What We’re Loving: Uproot 'Fall' Wines for Entertaining

Perfect wines to gift and serve for your Thanksgiving table
Uproot Wine

Try out this tasty new wine at your fall table

When it comes to fall wines, we tend to think the darker the better. Maybe it's psychosomatic or maybe it's the lightness of white wines, but when the leaves change so do our bottles. Typically, sauvignon blanc falls into that category and we stock our best stuff away until the warmer weather reappears. But for those that just aren’t ready to let their white hibernate, there is Uproot wine’s line of sauvignon blancs (Napa Valley and gift-sized Gray Edition) and grenache blancs that you can add to your fall entertainment table — both in your glasses and in your dishes!

While the Gray Edition wine is a blend of varying citrus notes, its sage leaf and barrel-aged goodness give it that robust hint of fall that will keep white wine lovers happy in the colder months ahead.

To bring the taste of fall and sauvignon blanc to the table, Uproot partnered with Food52 or untraditional wine pairings that matched the food to the drink. For your fall or Thanksgiving table, try pairing these flavorful, white-wine-friendly ideas.


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