What We’re Loving: Reynold’s Wrap Cookie Baking Sheets

Every hostess needs an easy clean-up!
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Reynolds Wrap

Baking just got as simple as 1-2-3!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every hostess in possession of a dinner party plan knows two things for sure. First: a homemade menu is more impressive than a catered one. The second: a homemade menu will leave you with hours of clean up. Parties, holidays, and life’s events are all made better with food, but the aftermath of a made-with-love menu is sometimes so daunting we skip over the idea of cooking from the heart. Luckily, this fall, Reynolds Wrap is making it a little easier on us with their new line of cooking baking sheets.

These oven-friendly sheets line your average-sized cookie pan and act as a barrier between the pan and the potentially messy cookie batter. After your cookies are baked, using a spatula, the freshly baked treats will slide right off and onto your cooling rack with ease. When finished, simply toss the paper and bask in the glory of easy clean up! We promise these little baking sheets will be a lifesaver come time for your next soirée!