What Food Can Dublin Offer Our Football Players?


Their diet? Whole grains. Unprocessed foods. Meat and protein. Protein and meat. You get it.

Now, with our boys being in Dublin, it’s fair to assess whether or not the homeland can provide them with the foods necessary to defeat UCF. What is typical ‘Irish’ food? Some main dishes they serve include grains (wheat, barley), fish, meat (chicken, beef, pork) and, of course, that cabbage your Irish grandfather forces you to eat on Saint Patty’s Day.

Photo by Bobby Chen, Penn State John Curley Center.

When I visited Ireland, it was obvious that the potato stereotype was a reality. The two meals I would eat daily generally consisted of some form of potato (potato soup is something you should try), bread and meat, indefinitely.

Photo by Nicole Feretich

Dublin, specifically, has a variety of food options because it’s a heavily populated city. Many places to eat in the area combine Irish classics with the foods offered by modern restaurants and fast food chains (their McDonald’s has mozzarella sticks and curly fries on the menu!).

Photo by Nicole Feretich

So, I think our boys have got their mouths full of potatoes and that they have Grade A meat readily available. They will definitely take in enough carbs (that will turn into energy) so that they can perform their best.

WE ARE… PENN STATE. And hungry. And expecting good meals wherever we go.

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