What Is a Flatbread?

You know that it is tasty, but what is it exactly?
What’s a Flatbread?

Learn what exactly is a flatbread, and how to use it in the kitchen.

You settle in at a local pizzeria, ready to order your average slice, when you are suddenly faced with a choice you’re not used to having. You could get a pizza with a plethora of toppings, but now you can get a “pizza flatbread.” Um, aren’t pizza’s kinda’ flat? What’s the difference?

Brace yourselves people. We are about to blow your mind.

Pizza dough, while rolled out flat, rises when baked. Even if the crust is super thin, its chemical process is to rise when baked.

A flatbread on the other hand is a completely different thing. The complex definition is: a bread...that is flat. We know, we couldn’t believe it either.

But seriously, flatbreads are actually very delicious as a pizza, or on its own in a dipping situation. Made from unleavened dough, the main ingredients in a flatbread are basically flour, water, and salt. Typically it is cooked crispy in a brick oven. This style of bread originated in Egypt but was adapted by other cultures and slightly altered. Naan is the flatbread of Afghanistan, the tortilla in Hispanic culture, and pita in the Middle East (though pita technically has yeast).


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