What Dogs Eat Around the World

Ever wondered if Swedish bulldogs enjoy the same quality kibble as sheepdogs in South Africa?

Inquiring canine minds are itching to know!

People all across the world love dogs, so much so that pets often get treated like members of the family. Unfortunately for our furry friends, however, this status can only get them so far, as the dinner table is typically off-limits for creatures that can’t hold a fork. Some pups may get lucky and find meat-filled fists furtively passing treats into their soon-to-be-barking gullets as they lay in wait underneath the chairs of their owners (only if they manage to execute their begging plan to perfection, of course); others settle for processed, bagged and/or canned sustenance when "puppy eyes" fail to trigger the desired response.

What Dogs Eat Around the World (Slideshow)

With most dogs sampling only a small spectrum of suitable savories in their lifetime, it’s fair for them to wonder what their bowwow equivalents in other countries are chomping on day in and day out. Does an Alaskan husky in America experience the same tastes as a Chihuahua in Chihuahua? Do Swedish bulldogs enjoy the same quality kibble as sheepdogs in South Africa? Inquiring canine minds are itching to know!

After extensive research, it’s fair to say that doggie diets are similar across the board, with beef and chicken playing the protein part most often, and grains like corn, rice, and wheat adding most of the filler. That said, some nations offer more variety and higher quality than others (Australian and Dutch dogs have it good), while other nations might be converting to table scraps due to the implementation of a new tax on pet foods.

It might not whet your appetite, but if you let Spike sit on your lap as your scroll through the slideshow, we're sure he’ll show his appreciation by attempting to lick the screen — or your face.

Now let’s get to the dog food!

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