What Are The Worst Foods For Your Teeth?

If you want to keep your smile shining, avoid these foods
What Are The Worst Foods For Your Teeth

Don’t chow down on these foods if you like your chompers!

Dried Fruit

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Despite being a healthier snack option, dried fruit is terrible for your teeth. The naturally sticky properties of dried fruit make it difficult to chew so the fruit sticks to your teeth, giving the sugar and acid time to wear away enamel and feed bacteria?

Red Wine

red wine

Red wine may be great for your heart, but it isn’t helping that smile. It contains erosive acid that can weaken enamel five minutes after exposure.

Citrus Fruits

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Sucking on a lime or lemon could really and truly destroy your enamel. At least now you have an excuse to pass on the tequila shot you secretly hate being forced to take?

Coffee and Tea


Your morning beverage of choice will, sadly, probably stain your teeth while it wakes you up. Coffee is especially guilty, since its high level of tannins will leave its mark on your teeth.


jelly bean

Whether chewy or hard, the sugar content in candies is detrimental to your teeth. It sticks to your teeth, eroding your enamel.

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