Weight Loss Coffee Hits The Market

Many people start their mornings with a cup of coffee and some sort of metabolism-boosting activity. Now, you don't have to pick between exercise and a cup of coffee — because Javita beverage company has made the ultimate calorie-burning cup of cofee, with the release of their Weight Loss Coffee.

The caffeinated liquid is made with garcinia cambogia, an extract from a tropical fruit that aids weight loss and lowers cholesterol. Primary studies have demonstrated that this extract "works in the liver and inhibits fat synthesis"; sugars become energy, rather than fat, and in turn, appetite is repressed, and the stress hormone, cortisol, is under control.

Along with garcinia cambogia, another plant extract, yerba mate, is found in Javita's latest brew. This compound is acknowledged for its energy-boosting properties and calorie-burning powers.

Drinking two cups of the coffee a day is said to "reduce belly fat by up to 28 inches and generate a 4.5-pound weight loss in just 28 days."

It's no secret that Americans are fascinated with diets and weight-loss trends. From juice cleanses, to metabolism-boosting energy beverages, to products that boast pound-dropping additives, the possibility of easy weight loss is tempting.  But just like other weight loss products, Weight Loss Coffee has its downsides; excessive consumption can cause gastrointestinal problems. You can purchase Weight Loss Coffee, which runs between $35 and $45, on Amazon.com or in doctors' offices.