Weekly Recipe Review:

Fully immersed in holiday season, this week's food sections were filled with chocolate-covered treats, cakes and warming winter cocktails. Check out our Editors' picks for this week's top recipes. 


The New York Times: Satsumas give a bright, citrus-twist to a classic mojito.

The Chicago Tribune: Instead of buying expensive, imported chocolates, make your own Saltine Toffee: coated with chocolate and topped with pecans, they are perfect for holidays parties and much easier to make than you think.




The Boston Globe: A healthy, vegetarian dinner with lots of flavor and spice.



The Dallas News: From the people who know best, homemade Southern-style pimento cheese — a great dip, especially come Superbowl weekend.



The Miami Herald: Creole fudge cake with a shot of espresso — and a coffee buttercream icing.



The Los Angeles Times: Warm, sticyk toffee cake that just cries out for a warm fire and a good cocktail.

The San Francisco Chronicle: A wheat-free chocolate cookie recipe from a woman who's ready to start a cookie revolution — just in time for the holidays.




The Washington Post: Feeling under the weather? Try this sweet, apple hot toddy recipe that'll cure any sickness.



The Times-Picayune: A Cuban version of eggnog called 'Creme de Vie', meaning the "cream of life."




The Oregonian: Homemade smoked salt, dried apricot and almond chocolate bark makes a great holiday gift for friends (and a great treat for yourself).