Weekly Media Smörgåsbord: Underappreciated Superfoods, Brooklyn Dining and More...

The food and drink stories we were reading this week.



The Daily Meal is dedicated to consuming and analyzing the latest food news and trends. From a look at the array of dishes you can make from meatball ingredients, to a worldwide guide to tipping, here's a look at the stories our editorial staff was reading this week.

-The incredible variety of meatball ingredients out there. [The New York Times]

-Top-ranking superfoods that are under the radar. [Chicago Tribune]

-A response to recent opposition to Brooklyn dining. [Fork in the Road, The Village Voice]

-The evolution of Kistler chardonnay. [Diner's Journal, The New York Times]

-Roundup of the top wine trends of 2010. [Huffington Post]

-Ferran Adrià opens his Barcelona tapas bar, 41 Degrees. [Grub Street Philadelphia]

-Cheese derived from human milk. [Grist]

-Turmoil ensues between Jamie Oliver and the LAUSD. [Squid Ink, LA Weekly]

-Curtis Stone to step in for Kelly Choi as the host of Top Chef Masters. [Grub Street New York]

-A global guide to restaurant tipping. [Business Insider]

-A week of meals in the life of Colman Andrews. [Grub Street New York]

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